The Lifestyle of a Psychiatrist

A career in psychiatry is a great option for individuals who are looking for a flexible work schedule. A psychiatrist may work in many different settings and with a variety of patient populations, which gives them the opportunity to tailor their job to their preferences. In contrast, other specialties require physicians to work only one job in one sitting. In addition, a psychiatrist can enjoy a high quality of life both during residency and after completing their training. Weekend and overnight calls are rare.

Despite being a highly paid career, a psychiatrist is self-employed, which can come with its own challenges. Self-employment requires finding office space, handling monthly and start-up expenses, dealing with insurance companies, and dealing with bureaucratic processes. In addition, the lifestyle of a psychiatrist may be more unpredictable than others, and may involve a large amount of paperwork. While most psychiatrists work full-time in a hospital setting, some choose to practice privately.

While the lifestyle of a psychiatrist is quite flexible, they do work irregular hours. A typical psychiatrist spends six to eight hours each day listening to a patient. Consequently, many psychiatrists have a difficult time separating their work and private life. This can make them vulnerable to developing depression and anxiety. If you are interested in a career in psychiatry, it might be worth considering the lifestyle of a psychiatrist.

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