How to Take Better Moon Photographs With Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become more advanced, but they’re still not up to the task of taking moon photographs. Their wide lenses create too much digital noise and the lenses often get smudged by the goop in your pocket. You may want to think about the technique and gear you need in advance before taking the photo. Here are a few tips to take better moon photographs. Make sure to have a tripod nearby and a tripod stand.

Avoid light: When taking moon photos, avoid light pollution. Avoid ambient light by going off to a remote location, such as a public park. The best place to take moon photos is not necessarily your backyard. Turn off all nearby lights before taking a photo of the moon. If you want a moon photo that has a low light level, go to a location where you can get a great view of the stars and moon.

Experiment with exposure compensation: If you’re shooting a moon without a moonlight, use exposure compensation minus. It will make the moon appear lighter, but still retain detail. For best results, set your camera’s ISO to a low level. Using a tripod can also help. Also, use a tripod to avoid falling during the night. It’s easy to accidentally bump up the ISO.


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