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Jamendo is an online music platform that provides a platform for artists to reach music fans. It offers musicians the opportunity to make money through licensing services. It also allows music lovers to legally download and stream music. With over 460,000 tracks, Jamendo is a great place to find quality music.

Jamendo is an online community of independent artists. It was founded by three French entrepreneurs in 2004. The site’s philosophy is that every artist deserves to be heard. To become a member, you can register through your email address or Facebook. Once you are registered, you can access your personal webpage. You can post your own songs or even star other artists. However, you should be careful about giving out too much personal information.

When you sign up for a free account, you will be required to choose a username and password. The username and password will give you access to the restricted services. But, the company does not guarantee the security of your personal data and does not take responsibility for your actions.

Users must provide accurate and up-to-date information, in accordance with the JAMENDO General Terms of Use. JAMENDO may modify these terms of use. If a User is not aware of these changes, he or she can contact JAMENDO and request an update. JAMENDO may also include links to other websites. Whether or not a user is able to download music through a link from a third-party site depends on the laws in the country of origin. worldnewsite

Jamendo is a community of independent artists, which aims to promote and connect artists with music lovers. Jamendo was the first company to implement a license chooser in 2007. Using a license chooser, you can select the Creative Commons (CC) License that is most suitable for your work. A CC license may allow for more or less extensive rights. While certain CC licenses allow for commercial use of an Artist’s Works without compensation, others require you to pay a fee. Moreover, you may not use a CC license to distribute your Works on an online service or website that does not provide the corresponding licenses.

You can choose a CC license for individual works or for an entire album. Generally, an Artist’s Works may be released under the Creative Commons By-NC-ND (or “CCBY-NC-ND”) license, which authorizes the sharing of an Artist’s Work and permits the download of an Artist’s Work for free, provided that the downloading is not done for profit. In addition, an Artist’s Works may be released on a Creative Commons license that permits commercial use.

Before publishing a Works on JAMENDO, the Artist must complete an Artist Account Declaration. This declaration is signed by the Artist and reaffirms the artist’s obligations under the General Terms of Use. Additionally, an Artist must specify the real names of all right holders and the type of license selected news247 com.


Users of JAMENDO can only use the software as long as they comply with the JAMENDO General Terms of use and the Licenses. Furthermore, users can use the Materials to promote the Works and the JAMENDO Community.

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