A Guide for Newcomers to AVABEL Classic by Redfinger

Redfinger presents a comprehensive beginner’s guide to AVABEL Classic, a 3D mobile game renowned for its intricate designs, stunning landscapes, and varied gameplay options. Let’s explore its depths and embark on a thrilling adventure together.

An Introduction to AVABEL Classic Classes

This is an overview of the different classes available in the game AVABEL Classic.

Warrior: With a strong charge and range of area-of-effect abilities, this class is an all-rounder to be reckoned with. As the game progresses, the Warrior can access the powerful Inferno skill, ideal for PvE. For PvP, the Storm of the Knife Master and Ex of the Samurai abilities are invaluable. Not to mention, its impressive durability boosts its effectiveness even further.

Thief: This job necessitates a higher crafting level, but when fully equipped, it can deliver enormous damage to the boss. It’s common to observe a Thief dealing massive blows to the boss with significant critical hit numbers. The problem is that it calls for a longer period to reach its ultimate potential and, during the initial stages, it can be tiring to farm in dungeons. It’s suggested to begin as a Storm Messenger wielding a one-handed sword, and in the end, after mastering all classes, the proposed weapons are a short sword in the right hand and a one-handed weapon in the left.

Mage: For early stages of the game, the Lost Incantation subclass is recommended due to its Blizzard ability which covers a broad area. Mages tend to be powerful in the beginning, even with mediocre gear, yet they may experience challenges in the more advanced stages, particularly in PvP, at which point they should concentrate on bettering their equipment.

Creator: In the past, when trading was still possible, this class had distinguishing traits, like brewing potions and selling them, as well as fabricating accessories that surpass the usual ones. Yet, in the modern version, the two specializations of the Creator can only be employed for themselves, with the initial unique traits gone. The Creator has a lot of buff and debuff abilities, but the majority of them have limited ranges, making the advancement more difficult. Concerning PvP, the Agility-based Creator is still quite good.

Priest: There are two distinct paths to take as a healer, a violent one and a supportive one. At the moment, the most even build is to have a blunt weapon in the right hand and a shield in the left hand, with points allocated to Agility and Vitality. This combination allows for both damage dealing and defensive measures. Despite this, when compared to other classes, healers have fewer offensive skills, and the majority of their EX skills are designed to support. For farming purposes, it is advised to use the Star Kick from the Divine Legs Master.

Wanderer: For anyone taking up this role, crafting is key. Even with a weapon boasting 24,015 stars, the damage still falls short compared to a 22,015 Warrior or Mage. Due to the difficulty of farming in dungeons, teaming up with allies is suggested. This class has support abilities that can help out the team to a certain degree. Going solo? A Dancer of the Earth or Blade Master is a good start; for those with higher Agility, a Minstrel is ideal for self-healing. Water Divine and Warrior are viable options too, but they require use of Pulse Stones.

Gunner: The Easy Void basic attack is quite enjoyable. If you want a cool-looking character, this class won’t let you down. It comes with area-of-effect abilities for taking on multiple monsters at once. It’s suggested to first specialize as a Sniper or Gun God.

Revenant This is a class that necessitates you mastering the skill of HP control. Making judicious use of your HP will put you in a situation that will enhance your attack power. For example, when you have the full HP of 30,000, your highest attack power will be 2,700, yet if your HP plummets to 6,000, your attack potential will rise to 3,800. It’s suggested that you use a knuckle for the ultimate weapon and Vampire or Phantom Gunner for the initial subclass allworldday.

Techniques for Growing in Strength in AVABEL Classic

If you are looking to progress to higher levels in AVABEL Classic, there are some effective tips to help you get there. One of the best strategies is to simply keep playing; as you gain experience, your character’s strength will increase. Doing high-level dungeons will also aid in your character’s development, as they will give you more powerful items and equipment to use. Additionally, doing regular training in the arena will help to build your character’s strength and stats. Finally, building a party of players and working together to complete challenging missions and dungeons is also a great way to level up quickly. Through these strategies, you can become a strong player in AVABEL Classic.

Don’t overlook outfitting the Beginner Support Ring, as its influence can be stacked. As you can use four accessory slots, the effect can climb up to 1,200% before you reach level 100.

Players no longer have access to Mobius’ support due to the slow progression in the early intervals and the five-year anniversary event coming to an end. Thus, it is advised to obtain the Xuanyuan Set to improve their performance. To level up quickly, it is suggested to take on floors 9, 13, 18, and 22. When the equipment is at the necessary level, one can then move on to the 42nd floor, known to be the best floor for leveling and achieving goals voxbliss.

In parties of up to 6 players, each party member has access to 10 books. The amount of experience gained is then divided by 20 and shared with the rest of the party. For example, if you are in a state where you earn 1,100% experience, the others will get an extra 55% experience boost. In a rare case where all six members are in a state where they get 2,200% experience, they will have an experience boost of 110%, which would be equivalent to a maximum of 2,800% experience, which would be 28 times more than usual.

At first, it is preferable to focus on making and developing gear rather than using magic stones for buying costumes stylesrant.

If you don’t mind being alone, it would be wise to make it to Floor 18 and reach level 100. Once you have enough unlocking crystals and money, you can work on leveling up. Make use of the 11x experience gain state and go to Floor 45, where you will be able to progress from level 100 to around 160. As for the 28x experience gain state, I think its meaning is self-evident. This strategy is perfect for gamers who have limited time and are looking to save magic stones.


This guide is essential for those just starting out with gaming. To be triumphant in AVABEL Classic, you have to continuously gain knowledge of multiple abilities. Redfinger provides a Android emulator on which you can discover many tactics for AVABEL Classic tvboxbee.

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